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Tufnol laminates


There is a wide range of properties of TUFNOL LAMINATES which means that it is important to choose the right grade.
Phenolic Cotton is available in grades from fine to coarse and are generally used for mechanical applications that require tough usage.
Phenolic Paper grades are a viable choice for a wide use of applications due to it's low cost. It is not usually chosen where toughness and high stress are factors.
Epoxy Paper and Cotton grades possess excellent electrical properties and wear resistance which is not found in other grades.
Polyester resin bonded glass mat laminates bridges the gap between the Phenolic Paper grades and the higher performance woven glass types. Would not usually be chosen for heavy wearing usage due to it's lack of machineability.
Glass Fabric Grades possess a wide range of properties but are not machined as well as cotton and paper grades and is therefore unsuitable for uses that involve heavy wear


Phenolic Cottons:
    Very good wear resistance, easy to machine, high dimensional stability.
Phenolic Papers:
    Excellent electrical insulation properties, strength, and rigidity.
Epoxy Papers and Cottons:
    Excellent wear and surface tracking resistance and low water absorption. High working temperature and good dimensional stability
Polyester Glass:
    High working temperature and good strength, rigidity, and electrical insulation.
Glass Fabrics:
    Excellent temperature, fire, and tracking resistance. Excellent structural strength and good dimensional stability.


Phenolic Cottons:
    Used in electrical, electro-magnetical, and general mechanical applications. Also used for components that need to be strong and tough.
Phenolic Papers:
    Used in a wide range of electrical installations and equipment that requires high electrical insulation.
Epoxy Papers and Cottons:
    Used in many heavy wearing applications where good dimensional stability is also a factor.
Polyester Glass:
    Used for pplications such as electrical equipment and insulating panels.
Glass Fabrics:
    Used in applications that are technically demanding

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Free cutting service

Ryan plastics offer a free cutting service to customers that require material to be delivered in specified sizes and thicknesses (sawn). This service may aid transportation or simply improve handling at your premises. This service is normally next day, please enquire when ordering.

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