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A wide range of plastics...

The diverse capabilities of our manufacturing processes means that we are able to produce and supply a wide range of plastics, brand named plastics, and plastic products and components.

We are stockists and distributors of semi-finished products such as rods, sheets, and tubes produced from any of the materials that we stock. We can supply any of these materials as semi-finished products either from stock or on short delivery.

We have built good working relationships with companies that can mould, extrude and cast. As a result of this we can offer components at competitive prices.

At Ryan Plastics, we can provide short or long run orders for any suitable components. We have the means to manufacture diverse fabrications. We also accept single orders. The diverse range of fabrications includes hoppers, tanks, and guards and we are also able to offer most processing services such as welding, bending, tapping, and polishing.

We offer full machining in CNC turning, routing, and milling, and conventional machining in centre lathes, milling, and hand routing, and drilling. We offer additional machining in bending, flame polishing, forming and bonding.

Our 5-axis machine provides the customer with the high quality and cost-effectiveness of service that we at Ryan Plastics are constantly striving to maintain and improve upon.

Not every plastics manufacturer is able to meet the stringent accuracy and speed requirements of the more demanding machining tasks. Many industries today, especially in the world of hi-tech design, are turning to 5-Axis machining because it provides increased speed of manufacturing and repetitive accuracy. To further enhance the ‘order to manufacture’ time we have installed two CAD/CAM seats.

The ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single set-up reduces tooling costs and work time, resulting in a better cost per part as well as maintaining parts conformity throughout the run of the part.

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Free cutting service

Ryan plastics offer a free cutting service to customers that require material to be delivered in specified sizes and thicknesses (sawn). This service may aid transportation or simply improve handling at your premises. This service is normally next day, please enquire when ordering.

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