Our CNC machining for plastics is suitable for accurate plastics machining and repeatability specifications.

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CNC machining

Our CNC machinery

All forms of CNC equipment have two or more directions of motion, called axes, enabling automatic, precise, and consistent motion control. At Ryan Plastics we have 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routing and CNC turning and milling machines. The first benefit of CNC machining is consistent and accurate output. Our machines possess unbelievable accuracy and repeatability specifications. This means that once a program is verified, any number of identical pieces can be produced with the same precision and consistency.

Plastics news

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Free cutting service

Ryan plastics offer a free cutting service to customers that require material to be delivered in specified sizes and thicknesses (sawn). This service may aid transportation or simply improve handling at your premises. This service is normally next day, please enquire when ordering.

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