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Cast nylon 6 plastics


The properties of Cast Nylon are similar to those of Cast Nylon 66. The main difference being that the materials which are produced from the casting process are intrinsically stress free. The mechanical properties of Cast Nylon can also be enhanced by the inclusion of fillers in certain grades.

The types of Cast Nylon that we produce are Cast Nylon 6< in natural colour, Cast Nylon 6 (+ MOS2) in grey, Cast Nylon 6 (+ wax) in light grey, Cast Nylon 6 (+ oil) in green, and heat stabilised Cast Nylon in blue and black.


Cast Nylon 6:
    Possesses a good balance of properties giving it a combination of flexibility and toughness with good tensile performance.
Cast Nylon 6 (+ MOS2):
    Excellent mechanical properties. Excellent self-lubricating, wear resistant, and low friction qualities.
Cast Nylon 6 (+ Wax):
    Excellent wear resistance in unlubricated applications. Able to withstand conditions of exaggerated bearing loads and speeds. Low coefficient of friction.
Cast Nylon 6 (+ Oil):
    Superior lubrication qualities. Excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.
Heat Stabilised (blue):
    Excellent toughness.
Heat Stabilised (black):
    Excellent technical properties. Excellent machineability. Excellent wear and creep resistance. Good heat ageing qualities.


The diverse properties of Cast Nylon 6 make it a suitable material for a wide range of applications. If you require more information, then email us with your query.


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Free cutting service

Ryan plastics offer a free cutting service to customers that require material to be delivered in specified sizes and thicknesses (sawn). This service may aid transportation or simply improve handling at your premises. This service is normally next day, please enquire when ordering.

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